St Mary's


The Parish of St Mary’s Thornbury undertook to change: a simple brief, to undo several unsympathetic renovations over the decades and to deliver an interior that was respectful of its heritage and adaptable to a new, younger generation whilst not neglecting the aging component of the congregation. This is a project of patience and a year of complete rebuilding. A year of uncovering the hidden and celebrating it.

The walls and floors have been renewed. The ceiling, once covered was exposed and restored. It is brought to life by the latest LED lighting technology by ERCO.

In contrast to traditional green or ruby carpets, a bold charcoal custom weave sits comfortably against the crisp white walls and restored ceiling.

However, the hero of the project is the new narthex: a shared gathering space for parishioners allows the community to gather. The partitioning is bespoke solid American Oak, hand crafted to ensure that the glass disappears into the timber without a bead. The organ, new and bespoke, represents a contemporary take on the traditional organ. A beautiful space has been created, a wonderful space to congregate and the result of close working relationship with the architect and a client with indelible vision.