Dandenong South

Spicers sought new premises that reflected their changing needs. The brief called for a new corporate identity from their dated 1980’s premises: a blueprint for future premises, and the worldwide headquarters.

A solid, reliable, conservative and contemporary corporate image is provided. The fa├žade is a careful play on two types of concrete: black oxide smooth and polished which concrete, offset by spandrels of glass and a secondary louvre skin. A timeless classic double height foyer is anchored by an oak and marble reception: a polished granite floor transitions to the wall and changes finish to a subtle chiseled face.

The interior of the office transitions the staff from their old cubicles to and open floor plan; sharp white is used with subtle accents of grey and lime for a relaxed feel. Furniture within breakout areas and the staff room is mobile, encouraging users to adapt and take ownership of their space. Whilst the exterior remains anchored and conservative, the interior is flexible, progressive and light, consistent with the transition in printing and paper technologies currently underway.